Obtain Actionable Intelligence for Your Business with Advanced Analytics

Over the past decade or so, ARM professionals have made significant investments in automating business processes. Now their attention has turned to improving the performance of these processes to increase profitability and improve compliance. The challenge is that the data needed to drive improvements in these processes is trapped in the underlying operational systems.

From our experience, we have generated hundreds of reports and ad hoc database queries and rarely do these reports explain ‘Why’ something is happening. Which is really the essence of analytics: they go beyond the mere what and where. Analytics explain why an activity is occurring by allowing the business user to drive the discovery process instead of someone in IT.


  • Provides data
  • Provides what is asked for
  • Converts data into information
  • Is typically standardized
  • Does not involve a person
  • Is fairly inflexible


  • Provides answers
  • Provides what is needed
  • Converts data into knowledge
  • Is typically customized
  • Involves a person
  • Is extremely flexible

Data is worth nothing without the right technologies to facilitate its transformation into meaningful information – delivered to the right people – in timely manner – for improved decision making.

Understanding the pressure ARM professionals face today to hit performance targets, often times through the management of a network of clients and partners, while remaining compliant with an ever growing list of state and federal regulations, it’s absolutely vital executives have systems in place to analyze their data.

Canned reports and excessive email drive communication in the ARM industry today.  We believe you cannot use yesterday’s methods today and be in business tomorrow.

Regulatory compliance and client performance are issues that are only going to get more expansive, more detailed and more important for everyone in the debt collection industry to keep track of all the moving parts.  Our goal at Surefire is to simplify your processes while increasing profitability and compliance.

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