To effectively modify a system and leave an organization better than when we found it is a burden, a pressure. Technology moves fast. What we do is discover, design, deploy, and enhance applications that allow organizations to harness the true value of the data that they’re collecting.


We are a user-oriented organization. Data is essentially useless without the end user, and it is up to them to unlock its potential. By meeting with you we get to understand your needs, expectations and limitations are outlined, and we develop a shared objective. We believe in a true, honest partnership where teamwork and technology are spun together and inspiration is sparked.


Through human-centered design thinking and creative collaboration, we work closely with your team to ensure that the product we are developing reflects your mission and ties to the way you work. Our team’s designers and developers produce the desired software application and execute a series of tests to certify the right style and functionality for you, the client.


When implementing new software – whether it’s adding new data, customizing features, or creating entirely new infrastructures, you need to have the confidence and momentum to get started down the right path. Surefire’s implementation services allow you to quickly gain the benefits you’d expect from your new software. We will help you plan, position, support, and train your team so that results are realized immediately.


We develop these applications through the utilization of design-thinking principles. The definition of design lies in the intention that exists behind an action. The desire for a solution, an answer to a problem is our driving force. As Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO explains, “Design thinking is all about upgrading within constraints.” While constraints may exist within a project’s framework, the industries that design thinking can influence are limitless. It is a process that incites innovation. Using this methodology, we at Surefire can bring stakeholders together from different places to build the best product, personalized for your needs.

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