Surefire Data Solutions, LLC’s mission is simple: deliver innovative solutions that allow our clients to operate smarter. It all started in 2010, when the founding partners combined decades of business experience with over 25 years of software development and data analytics experience to launch Surefire.

From 2010-2015, Surefire’s exclusive focus was in serving a niche of the Financial Services Industry known as Accounts Receivable Management (ARM), where organizations (creditors, debt-buyers, collection law firms, collection agencies, and the like) have been burdened by the complexities associated with collecting, managing, and utilizing their data. Surefire continues to service this industry with our Surefire ARM Solutions division.

While we developed software solutions for the ARM Industry, our relationship with Qlik began as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partnership back in 2010. In 2016, after becoming established in the industry, the Surefire team decided to expand our relationship with Qlik and become a Solution Provider; allowing us to offer the Qlik software and our consulting services outside of financial services. Today, our Qlik practice is industry agnostic as we service a variety of organizations through our partnership with the Maverick Innovation Lab. To date, we have worked with companies in manufacturing, distribution, HR, legal, and other professional services firms.

Developing new technologies today to solve tomorrow’s business challenges.

Timeline Highlights

  • 2010 – Surefire becomes an OEM Partner of Qlik
  • 2011 – Surefire becomes ISO-27001 certified
  • 2013 – Surefire becomes a strategic partner of the Maverick Innovation Lab
  • 2015 – Surefire transitions from ISO-27001 to a SOC 2 Type II certification for information security
  • 2016 – Surefire becomes a Qlik Solution Provider


The Surefire team brings together veterans of the software industry; zealous associates contributing our talents in development, strategy, and design to transform inefficient practices into collaborative and innovative solutions. Our obsession with making work ­– and life – easier grows with the business world’s needs. Today, our core applications in both realms, ARM and Data Discovery, streamline communication, promote collaboration and sharing, and provide access to actionable intelligence faster.

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The heart of Surefire Data Solutions, LLC is its team. We believe that a company is its people, and ours are exceptional. We value people’s time and efforts – some call it the Golden Rule or Midwestern Nice, but we just refer to it as the way we do business. Around here, leadership is not limited to a fancy job title, everyone is empowered regardless of what it reads on their business card. We’re honest, we strive to exceed client expectations, we act with integrity, and we try not to take ourselves too seriously – we know business is demanding enough already.

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Words We Live By:

Seek out challenges that allow you to grow.
Foster teamwork and collaboration.
Embrace mistakes – we never lose… we either win or we learn.
Have Fun
Be happy: If you aren’t passionate
about what you do, you are in the wrong place.