Business results are manifested by the actions you take, and every action taken has accompanying costs. Your decisions come down to this: Given all the actions I may undertake, which will keep my organization compliant with regulations, while bringing the greatest benefit?

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Reduce Complexity

Our unified platform makes it easier for you to understand your data, rather than bouncing back and forth between different applications.

Reduce Cost

Faster ROI from dexterity, speed, and increased response rates allows you to manage your data metrics directly, without stalling IT projects.

Reduce Cost

The management console and API’s are integrated with competencies for user-friendly reporting, letting you gather and analyze your data without worrying about gray areas.

Fast Business

Business Challenge:
Business Moves Fast

How often do you have the luxury of waiting a few months, few weeks, or even a matter of days to make an important decision? Where the time to build a single, traditional Business Intelligence report averages six weeks, 42% of business professionals need to make data-driven decisions within one day. How are you supposed to manage the ever-growing collection of big data – before it goes stale in data silos – and actually understand what it’s telling you enough to make a decision that is crucial for your business?

Business Solution:
People Make Decisions, Show Them the Whole Story

Data is not just flexible, it’s fluid, and it is constantly, consistently growing in complexity. This complex range of data is what makes coming to an informed decision so hard. Taking a few of the “Four V’s” of data into account, it is streaming the variety and volume of incoming data into organized, consolidated reports that eliminate doubt. Doubt or incomprehension is not an option in the ARM industry. The tools and software applications that make up our data analytics platform brings speed and efficiency that means immediate decisions and predictive analysis – not reactions. It’s not the information that data reports provide that makes it so special, information is only as valuable as what can come from it. What happened, why did it happen, and what is most likely to happen next? What kind of action should I take to stay compliant and still positively affect my organization’s net income?


Rather than delving through multiple subjective data reports, Surefire’s analytics platform “allows you to put a highlighter on your data and really see where the outliers are… [it] provides one version of the truth.”

Rausch, Sturm, Israel, Enerson and Hornik


National Law Firm Increases Profitability and Improves Compliance with Qlik

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