We believe that a company is its people, and ours are exceptional. We value people’s time and efforts – some call it the Golden Rule or Midwestern Nice, but we just refer to it as the way we do business. Around here, leadership is not limited to a fancy job title, everyone is empowered regardless of what it reads on their business card. We’re honest, we strive to exceed client expectations, we act with integrity, and we try not to take ourselves too seriously – we know business is demanding enough already.

Words We Live By

Our shared values, beliefs and practices


  • Recognize your strengths and talent, and develop a strong sense of self.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and develop positive values.
  • Seek out challenges that allow you to grow. Progressively build your capabilities by leaving your comfort zone and trying new things.
  • Anticipate future opportunities.
  • Continuously expand your knowledge base.


  • Foster teamwork and collaboration.
  • Gather support and feedback from your peers.
  • Learn diverse perspectives before taking action.
  • Continuously cultivate a team atmosphere by mentoring and sponsoring good people.


  • Start doing something, now.
  • Finish: Done is better than perfect.
  • Ask: Raise your hand when you need help.
  • Embrace mistakes – we never lose…we either win or we learn.
  • Be a leader!

Have Fun

  • Strive for balance in work and life.
  • Be happy: If you aren’t passionate about what you do, you are in the wrong place.

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