The total volume of data that the industry captures and stores gets doubled every year. Can you imagine trying to retrieve a specific document from three years ago when you can’t remember what you had for breakfast?

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Reduce Complexity

Surefire’s Flex Indexing service is scalable, flexible, and integrates with other management systems for data accessibility and accuracy.

Reduce Cost

Indexing recognition has advanced searching capabilities for processing millions of high priority documents, reducing manual operating costs.

Reduce Risk

Our data recognition software captures unstructured text, machine printed text, handwritten cursive, and barcodes, eliminating the risk of missing important information.

Outdated Processes

Business Challenge:
Outdated Processes Waste Time

Judgments are orders entered by a court of law that allow a creditor the right to use collection methods to collect a debt owed to them. To obtain a judgment in the first place, the creditor must comply with standard operations and file a lawsuit in civic court. With billions of dollars in judgment inventory in the market today, completing an indexing verification process of these documents is time-consuming for a team of data processors. The system is hardly foolproof, and using manual techniques from the Mesozoic Era isn’t as efficient when we’ve had 66 million years of evolutional and innovative advancements.

Business Solution:
Transform Unstructured Documents into Business-Ready Data

Streamline repetitive, manual processes with an automated solution that recognizes and categorizes all submitted documents, and integrates with other systems for a customized workflow. Surefire’s Flex Index Advanced Data Capture solution is an end-to-end data management system that transforms unstructured documents into the orderly, usable data that you need. Minimizing the need for manual verification, our solution electronically verifies recognized data through database comparison, rules based logic, and the application of other user-defined checks. Backlogging is obsolete, and your documents and records are categorized and available to you when you need them.

Transform Documents

How Does It Work?

Flex Flow

“Using this application, it’s not a question of quality OR quantity – the indexing process quickly, correctly, and consistently classifies the documents we need. If we need high-priority documents indexed without delay, urgent docs can be categorized within minutes.”

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