Everything You Need to Conquer Consumer Complaints and Nothing You Don’t.

Still using spreadsheets to track complaints? We Have an App to Eliminate That.

When it comes to consumer finance, there’s no getting around managing collection complaints and disputes. We believe if you can’t beat them, at least you can proactively manage them with a compliance dashboard that replaces spreadsheet tracking with simplicity and efficiency.

For managing complaints, our software helps you track data in real time, so you can quickly spot trends, better analyze information and resolve complaint issues efficiently, all without the hassle of spreadsheets. Our system also supports your internal process.

Come Out On Top!  Resolving complaints adequately and quickly keeps consumers and regulators happy.

Keeping consumers and regulators happy takes insight. With our compliance dashboard, you’ll have access to everything you need, including the ability to:

  • Monitor complaints, disputes and incident data in real time
  • Reduce regulatory risk by using the platform as a component of your compliance management system
  • Resolve complaints more quickly by spotting trends and identifying processes or people causing complaints
  • Explore new associations in your complaint data
  • Uncover hidden compliance trends
  • And best of all, ELIMINATE SPREADHSEETS!

Keeping employees happy takes feature-rich tools that are intuitive to use. Our solution is designed with lenders in mind, so users can proactively manage the complaint process without extra hassles, including the ability to:

  • Create, track and resolve complaints in one central place
  • Add documentation, call recordings and other attachments that support the complaint
  • Enter complaint notes and change complaint status
  • Instantly view complaint resolution metrics such as complaints entered, complaints resolved, complaints unresolved, complaint type, complaint category and the origin of the complaint.
  • View complaints by type, category, disposition, department and employee.

Our complaint management system helps you reduce complaint workload, improve efficiency and help you come out on top. We call that a win-win-win. And your team will, too.

Ready to kick complaint-tracking spreadsheets to the curb?  Contact us to learn how our solutions can help you optimize your efficiency.Click Here