Politics in the Age of Big Data

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This year’s presidential election is fueled by emotion, and is a race to see who is the smartest, strongest, best choice to lead the United States of America. Like a reality show that we can’t bring ourselves not to watch, anger and passion intermingle with the conflict over candidacy and we try to determine who best to choose. But – what about the voter data that is being cranked out behind the scenes? What about the digital information that is growing smarter, bigger, better, faster, stronger?

How great an impact is technology and analytics having on the election? Read More

BI-nosaurs and Data Discovery

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Here’s hoping you’ve had your coffee and are nice and alert because some facts and figures are about to be thrown your way: DID YOU KNOW that bad or poor quality data costs organizations as much as 10-20% of their revenue?? We all rely on data for truth, to help us reach the best decision for our business. Rumor has it that traditional business intelligence software solutions are out-of-date and have no place in current affairs, and they don’t have what it takes to keep up with the technology of today, tomorrow, and beyond. Read More