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September 2016

What Is Business Intelligence?

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How do you go about solving a puzzle? Do you stare at the jumble of obscured pieces with no idea of what the bigger picture is supposed to be? No – you seek out the edge pieces first to create a framework for a workable project. Similarly, Business Intelligence creates useable information out of seemingly discordant data. The tech world is constantly evolving; rather than you tearing your hair out over data hieroglyphics, Business Intelligence applications decipher information for you and provide a full picture for improved decision making. Read More

SCRA Enforcement at an All-Time High

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Our nation’s military forces are devoted to a life of service, protecting our families and our country. Why do them a disservice? The Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) is the federal law that protects our service members against civil actions (ie: lawsuits) that may affect their legal rights while on active duty. SCRA compliance for any organization is not an elective course of action. It is critical to the success of your company.

Mortgage Compliance Magazine covers the general five questions regarding SCRA, but as a quick overview, the law protects against installment contracts, credit card, mortgage and auto interest rates, mortgage foreclosure, car repossession and civil court proceedings. Before executing civil actions, companies have to follow compliance rules to ensure that the client isn’t protected by this federal law. Read More