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Developing a Data-Driven Culture

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“Information is not communication.” While Launching a Leadership Revolution’s Chris Brady references public speaking in this particular excerpt, that statement is easily applicable to our digital era. By now, the buzzword-fueled explosion of “big data” has settled and established the new norm, and organizations in the know have been amping up their data analytics game to get ahead – and stay ahead – of the competition. Experts agree that the key to success in the Information Age is ensuring that your workplace promotes a data-driven culture. According to InformationWeek, the “data-driven” organization is a concept that not all executives understand. “Data-driven” is not the same as being generally “data-savvy,” and it does not limit its usage to data scientists or the IT department. Even if you have a stellar IT staff, without utilizing data in business strategy, there is only so far that your team can go. Forbes quotes IBM Chief Executive, Ginni Rometty, stressing that “if [businesses] choose to ignore data analytics, they will not survive.” Read More

The Exploitation of Data in the 2016 Election

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Unless you poor, unfortunate souls have been living under a rock without wifi, cable, or possibly even something as old fashioned as a newspaper, you should be aware that we are moving towards the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America on January 20, 2017. Regardless of political leanings, there was probably surprise in learning polling results, as forecasts fumbled with several wrong calls. After fumbles like that, people want someone – or something – to blame for being caught off guard by the election’s outcome. Did “big data” fail us? Was it used incorrectly, or even not at all? Read More

Data Developments in 2017

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The year is drawing quickly to a close, and the holiday season had us scrambling; both in and out of work. We craved a quicker ticking of the clock, and wheedled with our support teams to get their reports turned in early, so that projects may be completed, so that time may be enjoyed again. As 2016 grinds to a halt, we look to 2017 for hope; a reboot, another chance, the perfect do-over for the mistakes or regrets in the current year. We all know the drill. Unlike our best intentions to eat healthier, give up smoking, or whatever the shtick is this time around to be a better person, we know that at least the digital world is going to keep on growing and changing regardless. Read More