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November 2016

Real Talk About Real-Time Analytics

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Alright folks, let’s chat. By show of virtual hands (likes), how many of you are challenged by your organization’s inability to produce useful information in real-time to better serve your clients, partners and team members?

Fortunately, the future thrives on brainpower, and the wonderful world of programming can create real-time analytics that provide the answers you need now. Not stale reporting at a faster rate, but fresh, current information as it happens. Read More

Excel and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Data

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I went to work with coffee in my mug and now there’s coffee on my shirt and when I got to the meeting this morning I tripped on the computer cord and now the servers are down and it botched this month’s invoices and I could tell I was going to be dealing with terrible, horrible, no good, very bad data. Coming down with “a case of the Mondays” always brings to mind the mantra from Judith Viorst’s “perennially popular” children’s book. Read More

Politics in the Age of Big Data

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This year’s presidential election is fueled by emotion, and is a race to see who is the smartest, strongest, best choice to lead the United States of America. Like a reality show that we can’t bring ourselves not to watch, anger and passion intermingle with the conflict over candidacy and we try to determine who best to choose. But – what about the voter data that is being cranked out behind the scenes? What about the digital information that is growing smarter, bigger, better, faster, stronger?

How great an impact is technology and analytics having on the election? Read More