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February 2017

Developing a Data-Driven Culture

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“Information is not communication.” While Launching a Leadership Revolution’s Chris Brady references public speaking in this particular excerpt, that statement is easily applicable to our digital era. By now, the buzzword-fueled explosion of “big data” has settled and established the new norm, and organizations in the know have been amping up their data analytics game to get ahead – and stay ahead – of the competition. Experts agree that the key to success in the Information Age is ensuring that your workplace promotes a data-driven culture. According to InformationWeek, the “data-driven” organization is a concept that not all executives understand. “Data-driven” is not the same as being generally “data-savvy,” and it does not limit its usage to data scientists or the IT department. Even if you have a stellar IT staff, without utilizing data in business strategy, there is only so far that your team can go. Forbes quotes IBM Chief Executive, Ginni Rometty, stressing that “if [businesses] choose to ignore data analytics, they will not survive.” Read More