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September 2015

Profitability vs. Cash Flow – Are You Carrying Dead Weight?

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In our last blog, “Contingency Rates at 15% – No Way or Hell Yes?”, I discussed client profitability by taking a closer look at how to calculate correct commission rates for a new client. This week, I would like to take the conversation a step further by examining the profitability of existing client relationships.

  • Do you fall into the trap of chasing cash flow instead of profitability?
  • Do you know which clients are profitable?
  • Do you know how many profitable clients it takes to carry each of your unprofitable accounts?

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Contingency Rates at 15% – No Way or Hell Yes?

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As a company servicing the debt collection industry it is vitally important to partner with the “right” clients. Minimizing risk, while maximizing profit has never been as important as it is right now.

I have heard countless stories how my peers have gone through months and months of a sales cycle – hosting auditors, filling out endless RFP’s and Security Questionnaires – only to get to the finish line and hear, “we would like to hire you and our contingency rate is 15%”. Standard reply….”Hell no! That might be a great contingency rate for accounts that are 60 days past due but for seconds over my dead body!”

Leveraging Surefire Analytics, we would suggest you take pause before telling such a client to go fly a kite! Let’s take a closer look at the details. Read More